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Sunday, 4 May 2014

First time

Dear all,

This is the first time since so many years I pushed myself to finally able to make a blog.
For me, blog is scary. First, I don't know what to write. Second, it's something new to me.
Even there's so many people out there telling how easy making it, still.. when you're getting older,
the word 'dare to try something new' is always come at the last page.... unlike when you were young.

So here's me, my name is Merry. Me and my sister, Linda, we are Chipboard lovers, and Chipboard makers. I have a daughter, she's almost two in September. I really love, more to say crazy over scrapbook. Ever since I know what it is, I started to have passion in it.
Enough about me, lets show you some of my creation....

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