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Friday, 23 May 2014

Football Place

Dear beautiful people...

how are you? I'm doing great, and love everything about blogging now.... or would say start to love everything about blogging. Well, I'm not really a 'chatty' person, hope you don't mind.
But I really hope you could and would enjoy my page here.

This time I was following a challenge made by CSI (Color Stories Inspiration).
They're site is beautiful. You should try and check it out.
The challenge was two weeks ago and it was Case File No.122.
You should register and be a member to be able to see the case. It's pretty simple.

The challenge was to use all the scheme colors below, with at least 2 clues of evidence, one testimony to choose from the list with the layout matching the sketch at the bottom.

Was pretty difficult challenge for me, as one, the colors wasn't my favourite at all.
And two, I've never really scrap using a sketch. I'm really a newbie in everything I guess... :)

Well, here's come the layout....

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I didn't make it to the "Most Wanted" List, but somehow manage to be "On The Watched List".
WOW! Didn't expect this but thank you CSI for making me one.

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