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Monday, 12 May 2014

Birthday Card for Cards und More Challenge

Hi there again,

will it be great to be able to do everything and you could do it good?
Yes, of course, it will be, but before getting there, there muss be a lot of efforts and practices to do.
Making cards, it seems easy, but it is also sometimes could be difficult.
What color you should take, what paper you should use, what kind of embellishments would make the cards look good... hmmm, I guess it wasn't that easy after all. 
Anyway, I decided to make it simple. I use white, grey and black with flowers of course to make it more merrier...
Here's my Tilda's card...(eventhough I still need to learn and do a lot of practices, after all, they said, "practice makes perfect.")

I used this layout below as a sketch for making the card that I got from following a challenge from Cards und More Challenge number 105

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