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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Is It A Dream Or A Reality?


finally manage to create another project from Colors Stories Inspiration Challenge No.141
The challenge is quite tricky. Never really scrap something strange like the one in the picture. So somehow I thought I just should try it, wouldn't hurt a soul :)
Here's my layout for that...
The mood board inspired me about dreaming. On a dream most of the time you could create something that totally absurd. So I thought I created something a little bit out of my range but still my style. 
The story behind the picture was that my daughter always gets crazy about birds whenever she sees them and of course like any other kids, she would start following them and chasing them over and over again. So I thought I picked the idea and made it as a layout. The layout was that she dreamt  she saw lots of birds made her happy and started thinking "Is it a dream or a reality? Don't wake me up, it's so beautiful". And that became the title of my layout...
I colored all my chipboards (they are the background from the photo, the gears and the birds) with Inka Gold in Violet, Jade Green and Magenta to match the color from the paper. I added Stickles Black Diamond to create sparkle looked as it is supposed to be when comes to a dream.
Behind the photo, I tucked in some strings with metal colors also to add more details.
Hope you enjoy my layout this time....
Thank you Colors Stories Inspiration for the challenge and thank you all of you to come by to see my creation.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Once Upon A Dream

Dear all,

I have been in love with the mood board from Scrap Around The World since the theme is "Fairy Tales". Here's the moodboard below....
To be honest, I don't like reading at all... I don't know why but I guess books weren't really my best interest. But every things about Fairy Tales, I've read them all I supposed. I love them all. Hans Christian Anderson, Brothers Grimms, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty... (should I continue, I wouldn't finish discussing about them all, lol)
I thought since my little one turns two tomorrow, would love to make this one really special. Until now, both of us (me and my husband) still could not believe that we have an 'almost' (a few hours now) two years old daughter. She is our dream come true. 
So I thought this layout was like a dream coming out of my mind.
Anyway, here's my layout for that..
The dark space was taken from the idea of Alice in Wonderland when she fell of the hole. So it's supposed like going into an outer space like feeling. A bit of yellow, blue, red and green mix feeling kinda thing. The white area was supposed to be the reality, my reality.

Because I took Alice in wonderland as an idea, I thought gears and filigree would be the perfect combination to match my little one "Charlene" as she turned to be the little butterfly in the middle of my layout. In Alice's book and movies, there was a caterpillar which at the end become a beautiful butterfly. I thought I used this idea because of the background would match perfectly with the wings. So I colored it a bit of Bubble Gum and Crushed Grape from Dylusions Ink Sprays.
In the end I decided to use "Once Upon A Dream" instead of "A Time" to match the idea itself that the layout was my interpretation of my dreams against Alice's.

I joined the challenge from Berry71Bleu with the theme "Things We Love" ...
and the sketch from Let's Get Sketchy with the sketch below

Thank you Scrap Around The World, Berry71Bleu and Let's Get Sketchy for the challenge.



Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I love you

Hi all,

I got last week a new paint called Rusty Paper. And thought would like to try out what it can do.
Somehow, I thought I would give the sketch from Sketchabilities, the challenge vintage from Scrap Africa and Cards und More with challenge no. 115 Swirls Flourishes a try with this paint.
Here's the sketch and the moodboard...

and here's my layout...
Well, to be honest, this one was a failure. I somehow spilled the Dylusion Spray (Vibrant Turquoise) by mistake. Can't undo it so I decided to continue. A little bit way off my normal color but still have to try it somehow. I started with the white paper since I thought I wanted to make my own background. 
I used  a lot of stamps like before on my corners and use some gesso to calm the Rusty Paper Ink which in the middle of the process was a little bit to strong for the white paper. Sprayed some Dylusion Ink here and there. And somehow (finally) I was happy with the result.

Would like to thank Sketchabilities, Scrap Africa and Cards und More for the challenge, and to thank you all my readers to always come back and enjoy my creation.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Be The Change

Dear Scrappers,

continuing my page journal page number 3....
This time I chose this sentiment "Be the change you wanna see in the world" said by Mahatma Gandhi. It's a beautiful meaning that sometimes people forgot about.
I chose to play a little bit more with crackle paint, less gesso and some Dylusions Sprays. The stem I did it with Hot Glue Gun, then I painted with Lumiere and some Inka Gold.

Hope you enjoy my page and thank you for stopping by.



Thursday, 11 September 2014


Hi all,

how are you all doin' this time? It's been getting colder lately here in Germany, which make me enjoy sleeping very much :) ... Well, this month is more special for us cause our little one will turn two in two weeks. Somehow last weeks, I was looking at some old pictures that I haven't used for the project life I intended to do and somehow found old pictures when my baby turned one.
Here's the layout for that...
We were about to blow the candle, but you know how it is, she didn't even know what candle was. It was a beautiful party. She's knew that she's the centre of the day that day. She smiled beautifully in every pictures. My baby turned into one that day and would I believe it or not she'll be two in a couple of weeks. Gosh how time flies... :)
Here's more details to it...

This time would like to join the challenge from Sketchabilities with the sketch no.122
the challenge from Scraps N Pieces with the theme "Just Us Girl"and the moodboard

and the CSI Color Stories Inspiration with Case No. 138 with the moodboard below
I have used all the colors, my evidence are numbers(on the picture), tags and paint and for my testimony I used the word ready in my title and journal. The journal was written on the tag that I hid behind my photo.

I would like to thank Scraps N Pieces, CSI Color Stories Inspiration and Sketchabilities for the challenge.

And for all of you who just visited my blog, hope you all like my layouts and thank you for your comments.



Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Dear all,

How have you been? Another month has passed, and here comes Autumn in Germany...
This month's going to be busy as my little one turns 2 on 26th September. Yeayyy.... I can't wait for the small party that I've planned for her. Well, I will have to do a lot of preparation yes but.... like scrappers say "Keep Calm and Scrap On".
Another new month, another new challenge from 123 Challenge Blog, here's the challenge board...
COLOUR = Khaki WORD = Emphasise TECHNIQUE = Hidden Journaling
And here's my layout
this time I did a lot, I really meant a lot of stamping. Started with an old stamp I barely knew I had it till the new one I got from wining a challenge recently. I thought it would be nice if I could use two papers to really stressed out the color. With the first paper (the paper is from DCWC), I did a lot of distressing and stamp out to bring out the green khaki color. I painted the paper more with black and olive green acrylic paint because at the end I didn't find distressing ink from Ranger was dark enough. 
Finally I added some rub-on lace to add a nice touch.
For the second paper I decided I wanna have brown khaki to match the first paper (it's from Kaisercraft). First, I decided where the photo would go, then I added some structure paste in some area I would like them to show. Did again lots of stamping to match the first paper. I stamped it with Color Box - Green with leaves motives.
For the journal I had it hidden (scrolled) next to the photo. It said "There is nothing more that I would like to emphasize than the love I have for my little beauty. She has such a sweet serenity about her."
To be honest, the word "Emphasise" was a very difficult one for me. I'm not really good with it. I was so 'desperate' (have to say) to find the best journaling for my layout, and finally Brenda Caldow was helping me out. She's a very nice lady. You could check out her blog here. She made a lot of amazing layouts.
Finally I added more flowers, some embelishments, sequins and all the small pieces I could find in my stash. And for the square check I used for the background, it is a plastic canvas I bought last time on my holiday back home in Indonesia. It's a plastic canvas for making a carpet to be honest (loved the experiment that worked well on my lo), that's why the size is bigger than the normal one for stitches.
Would like to join this layout for Scrap Africa with the Skecth no. 34 
Hope you enjoy my layout as much as I did... Thank you for stopping by my blog and please do come back again.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Take Time

Hi beautiful readers,

hope you're all doin' great. Here's my second page for my journal book ....
Sometimes you bought too much chipboards, and didn't know what to do with them at the end. Or sometimes you just crazy about chipboards and started collecting them instead of using them. If you're the second person which is me, I started using 'em in one of my journal page.
First thing first come to mix media. Make your page ready with some gesso, incase you're using a very bad papers that are not good dealing with waters, I suggested that you using a few layers of gesso. But that's only an option... you could do it any other way you like....

Then I drew a thin line, for guiding me where I would like all the chipboards to be placed. After I glued all my chipboards, and happy with it, I then did more gesso to cover everything white.
Once I satisfied with the placement, I started spraying it. Choose all colors you like, I chose to use Dylusions Ink Spray: Bubble Gum, Vibrant Turquoise, Dirty Martini and Funky Fuchsia.
Like the first page of my journal, I used the hot gun in every color I sprayed so the colors don't mix with each other. At the very end, I used Archival Ink to create some shadows on the chipboards and I colored it with 8B pencils to make the colors more dramatic.
The quote said "Take time to do what makes your soul happy" to match my background journal.

Would like to join this page for The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge with the moodboard below
I got inspired through the color from the flowers and the background.
Thank you The Mixed Media for the challenge.

Thank you all for your visit and I really hope you'll get inspired with my page.



Saturday, 6 September 2014


Dear scrappers,

today I'm starting my new journal book the second. Haven't touched it for few months now.
So, here's the first page...
didn't do much with this one as I want it to keep it simple. 
Lately I've been hooked with Pinterest. I love it very much. Not that you could inspired yourself with nice quotation, but also there's a lot of inspiration coming from it. 
So, now you know, I've got this quote above from there. 
"Let your faith be bigger than your fear"
I want to stressed the word "Faith" and "Fear", so I did a contrast color with this both chipboards. One I painted with bright color and the other with black and some crackle paste.
The background I did as normal. Gesso and some structure paste with some masking. Then I sprayed it with Dylusions Ink Spray: Vibrant Turquoise, Funky Fuchsia and Cherry Pie. 
(Just a little hint for you, as I don't like it when it gets to dark or to thick with the sprays, I always put the color that I want to use in a small sprayer bottle or you could use mini mister from Ranger then add a few spray of water. And if you think you need more color, you could just spray it in the same spot after you dried it first with the hot gun). 
Not to let the other color mix together with each other, I let on my left hand hot gun on with every spray so the colors stayed. The chipboards I color with acrylic paint.

Hope you like my page...