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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I can't believe... double surprise this month....

Hi all,

I thought I wanna share some good news for you today....
I got selected to be one of CSI Detective!!!! Yeaaayyy.... First Skecthabilities and now CSI (Color Stories Inspiration). I still feel like I am dreaming... till now...
And here's the other great ladies who's going to work with me...
Please help us welcome our newest  CSI Detectives (their term will begin with the first November reveal):
Carol Deal - Australia
Celeste Delorenzi - Argentina
Gail Macaulay - South Africa
Hayley Stewart - New Zealand
Merry Braehler - Germany
Patty Rogers - United States
Wendy Bennett - Australia
And here are the returning Detectives:
Anna Sigga - Iceland
Debbi Tehrani- United States
Debbie Standard - United States
Em Stafrace - Australia
Heather Jacob - Australia
Helen Wallace - Australia
Jacqueline Moore - Australia
Kylie gW - Australia
Libeeti Frenkel - Israel
Michele Singh - United States
Michelle Whorwood - New Zealand
Sarah Groen - New Zealand
Terhi Koskinen - Finland
Tracee Provis - England
Val Thorpe - South Africa
Veera Saarivuo - Finland

WOW! To think that they are all great ladies I'll be working with.... I'm really nervous.... I will give my best not to let them down....!! Thank you Debbi Tehrani for trusting me to join your team...! And please wish me big luck ok... :)



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  1. Hi!!! I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the CSI design team!!! I look forward to working with you!!!